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Northerners Are More Likely To Watch Shows About Serial Killers Than Anyone Else

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We have an awful lot to be proud of here in Manchester, with awards and accolades hitting us left, right and centre.

Now, it turns out, that the North has also topped the list for being the most interested in serial killer and true crime shows on TV.


Data from Google Trends had been analysed by Missy Empire to find out just why the North are so intrigued with the subject of true crime.

Plus, which documentaries that everyone is obsessed with at the moment.

Topping the list…

1. Dirty John

Based on a true story, Dirty John is the shocking and terrifying Netflix drama of how online dating can go wrong.

2. Ted Bundy

The Ted Bundy Tapes gets right inside the mind of the infamous serial killer for the very first time.

3. The Krays

The boys that brought silence to London’s East End…

And it turns out that actual specified searches for ‘Serial Killers’ in the North is extremely high, with research revealing that Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow were in the top 3 serial killer obsessed cities, whilst those living in London were the least interested in true crime.

So why do we love true crime so much?

Experts say we are drawn to good vs evil, even as children. We are fascinated by an act we wouldn’t even dream of replicating, and also to have peace of mind that we can protect ourselves.

Dr. Paul G. Mattiuzzi, forensic psychologist explains: “We want some insight into the psychology of a killer, partly so we can learn how to protect our families and ourselves”.

Maybe we are also all a little bit obsessed with shocking news. Let’s face it, if you’re driving down the motorway and a smashed up car is crushed against the barriers on your left, you automatically slow down to check what is going on:

“The actions of a serial killer may be horrible to behold but much of the public simply cannot look away due to the spectacle.”

And, in the end, some of us just love a good scare!

We love to be scared, but in a way that we can end it at any time. This has always been the case since humans obsession with vampires in 1765, to modern day real life serial killers. You can switch from Ted Bundy to Friends with a few clicks and forget about the scenes you were so engrossed in, but come back to it in your own time.

At the end of the day, true crime gives us the opportunity to leave our responsibilities behind for a moment and get lost in the mystery, and as humans, we feel we need that disconnection to reality. And there’s nothing wrong with that…right?

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