It's Official: Netflix's Sex Education Season 2 Is Coming!

Here's everything we know

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Perhaps one of the most popular shows to come from the streaming platform Netflix (OK, maybe after Stranger Things), Sex Education is officially getting a second series.

Netflix confirmed the news on their social media channels, stating: "Sex Education is officially in production for season 2!

"Before the cast starts filming, they do table reads of their episodes. Here's a glimpse at their first read back together!"

The comedy follows Asa Butterfield's character Otis, a teenager (with sex therapist mum Gillian Anderson) trying to navigate life at his sixth form college.

And if you aren't caught up on series one yet, we'd highly recommend you get cracking.

From the video, it appears that all the characters from season 1 are returning, including Otis' schoolmates Adam, Maeve, Eric and Aimee.

Alistair Petrie, who plays headmaster Mr Groff, told HELLO!: "Sex Education season two is going ahead - we have done a read through, which was brilliant, really funny and that same sort of sense of humanity that the show has.

"I generally loved doing it and watching it. We start shooting in about four weeks and the machine happily rolls on."

There's no indication of airdate just yet, but with production starting now, we'd expect it to be on our screens at the end of the year or early 2020.


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