Netflix's Spookiest Horror Series Is Officially Getting A Second Season

Here's when it'll be released!

Haunting Of Hill House Netflix

Netflix's horror series The Haunting of Hill House was released last year to rave reviews. Now, creators have confirmed a second series is on the way for us to binge to our heart's content.

Ah, bliss.

Based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, the first series switches between the early 90's and present day, following a family haunted by the house of their childhood.

Season one director, Mike Flanagan, will be returning for the second season, and the show will have a new title: The Haunting of Bly Manor.

This suggests no more Crain family in the new season, after Netflix confirmed the upcoming story would feature “a new story with all new characters”, according to The Radio Times.

When will the new series be released?

There is no specific release date as of yet, however it has been confirmed that the new series will be returning to Netflix sometime in 2020.

I KNOW... it feels like a long time to wait, but it'll be worth it.

For now, all we have is this teaser trailer to tickle our terrified tastebuds.

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