'Dirty John' Season 2 Is Officially Coming To Netflix And We're Psyched

Ooooohhhh yeah baby

Dirty John

Our favourite streaming giant's latest addictive masterpiece Dirty John is getting a second series - the news has just been announced and we are SO excited.

Apparently the second season of the show is going to be totally different to the first, too, so no chance of us getting fed up. As if.

But it looks as though Eric Bana and Connie Britton may well be axed, as the next instalment will reportedly have a whole new cast and a “self-contained story”.

Did you know?..

The first hit series actually gets its roots from a true crime podcast created by LA Times journo Christopher Goffard - all about the revels of con artist John Meehan and businesswoman Debra Newell - one of John's victims...

Debra falls for him (hard not to if he's anything like Eric Bana), unsuspecting of his devious ways, but soon after begins to realise that John is not the dream man she believed him to be.

The original podcast had more than 20 million downloads since its release in 2017 and the popularity of the Dirty John series on Netflix is reflective of its success.

Netflix have also announced that they'll be launching a docu-series about the real-life John Meehan, in a similar style to Abducted In Plain Sight.

Our social life is about to take a nose dive...

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