Deleted Scene From Abducted In Plain Sight Makes The Story Even Wilder Than It Already Was

This changes everything

Plain Sight

Netflix’s latest true crime documentary Abducted In Plain Sight is already shaping up to be one of their biggest hits of 2019, but it seems that viewers might not have been given the full story.

To call it an emotional rollercoaster wouldn’t really do it justice, with bizarre revelation after bizarre revelation throughout the show leaving viewers shook to say the least (don’t even get us started on the dad’s confession…)

Director Skye Borgman has now revealed that another absolutely insane scene was actually cut out of the final version.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Borgman explained that she had to leave out several other parts of the story, including “a meet-up that Mary Ann had with Berchtold in a parking lot, allegedly involving a gun and Mary Ann’s brother”.

The director had also consulted with a forensic psychologist and given her court transcripts so she could assess Berchtold and his obsession with Jan, which didn’t make it in to the final version.

Skye said the forensic psychologist explained, “To be able to actually kidnap somebody is incredibly difficult. Then to be able to maintain this ruse for years and years really takes somebody who has very little empathy for anybody else. It really does take a sociopath.”

She is now hoping to one day release a sequel to the documentary “to explore the different topics that we didn’t have time to really dive deep into”, including the role that faith plays in situations like this, as well as focusing on grooming and brainwashing.

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