'Cam' Is The New Netflix Psychological Thriller Everyone Is Talking About

It's set to be 2018's biggie


If you're already planning your next bingeing period then new psychological thriller "Cam" might be worth taking a look at, and it's now streaming on Netflix...

Written by a former sex worker, Isa Mazzei, the thriller focuses not on exploitation but rather a very different side of the industry's coin.

The film follows the straight-talking, job-obsessed Alice who answers to Lola - a not-so-victimised sex worker who's account is hacked by a doppelganger who then appears to completely lock original Alice a.k.a Lola out of the account.

Still following us here?..

Alice rapidly begins to lose out on money she should be making from all the wealthy men tuning into her shows, so she attempts to make her real identity seen.

Cam is getting solid feedback from the industry's best...

And the general public...

Watched it already? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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