A Seriously Addictive Documentary About The Real Life 'Dirty John' Has Just Been Added To Netflix

So so good

John Documentary

If, like us, online dating is a subject a bit too close to home and you've already trollied through the Dirty John series and looking for the next big fix, we highly recommend the new Netflix doc about the real life John Meehan.

Get to grips with how unsuspecting Debra Newell fell for his lies despite all the questionable rumours about him - it even features interviews with his two daughters as well as a number of other women who were targeted by John Meehan.

Based on podcast by LA Times journalist Christopher Goffard, the success of 20 million downloads encouraged Netflix to grab the bull by the horns and turn it into the success it is now.

As if that's not enough, a second season of the show (albeit with an all new cast) is already on its way to our favourite streaming giant with a very “different and self-contained story”.

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