Experts Are Issuing A Warning To Anyone Who's Just Quit Dry January

One month sober?

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Dry Jan officially ended at 12pm last night (hurrah!)

For all those who made the whole month totally dry, and/or without cigarettes, we salute you. But it may not be time to crack out that prosecco bottle just yet...

According to a new study, the end of January sees 92% of Brits going back to their unhealthy ways and the number of UK smokers doubles in Feb.

After just one month of healthy lifestyles, now comes 11 months of smoking and drinking to excess - 50% of smokers won't try to quit until January 2020. So is Dry January doing more harm than good?..

For those that failed at giving up their vice, 50% won't try again until NEXT NEW YEAR and the 23% - 6,000,124 Brits - that tried to quit smoking or drinking this January have ended up smoking/drinking even more after they failed.

And apparently, it's the blokes that are 50% more likely than women to put off quitting smoking and drinking alcohol...

With 10.9 million Brits saying that the pressure of the new year makes it more difficult to give up than any other time of year, Dry January may in fact be a race to the bottom...

15.9 million Brits say that the combination of returning to work, poor weather, seasonal affective disorders and post-festive blues made January the worst time of year to try and give up smoking, discouraging them from continuing their healthy lifestyle into February.

In fact, when it comes to addiction, research from Vapemate has shown that attempting to give up smoking with these added pressures in the background can actually lead people to be even more dependent on cigarettes than before they tried to quit.

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of Vapemate says:

"For those of us wanting to exercise more or be more financially responsible, there are simple and attainable milestones and goals that can be incorporated into everyday life. However, with cigarettes, research has shown that you are far more likely to succeed in quitting with the right support.

"For those finding it difficult to continue quitting into February, you are not alone. It would seem that more than half of Brits believe the government’s measures to dissuade cigarette smokers from picking up a packet are failing.

"54% of Brits stated that the health warnings and plain packaging initiatives on tobacco products are not enough of a disincentive. Public attitude towards ecigarettes is due to shift in 2019, making the devices a more viable harm-reduction alternative to smoking. With the help of medical bodies like Public Health England and the NHS, ecigarettes will be able to deliver on their purpose and dramatically reduce the number of cigarettes smokers worldwide.”

Let's hope it works.

Do you think Dry January has long-term benefits, or it just delays the inevitable? Let us know in the comments.

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