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There’s A New Manchester-Based Site That’s Like Tinder But For Finding A Roomie

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Finding a place to live (especially in a new place) can be SO stressful. Managing to find somewhere that’s a) an ideal location, b) has aall the facilities you need and c) actually has decent people living there (if you’re not flying solo, that is) is a minefield – and so many things can go wrong.

But if you’re currently looking for a roommate yourself in Manchester, or know someone who is, we may have just found the perfect solution…

Ideal flatmate is basically a flatmate matchmaking website that finds you people to live with that are just like you.

Better yet, they’re holding an event in Salford on the 6th February for flat-hunters looking at luxury apartments in Clippers Quays.

What should I expect?

All the fun and foooood!

For the event, the guys willl be hosting a quiz with free snacks and bevvies, plus tours of the apartment and of course, the chance to meet other people just like you, also flat-hunting.

Anyone who signs up on the night will also receive 25% off their first month’s rent. Not bad, eh?

You can read all about it over on the event page here and via the official Facebook event.

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