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National ‘Call In Sick To Work Day’ Is Tomorrow – Here’s The Best Excuse To Use

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Sometimes you get that feeling where you just can’t face another day at the grind, it’s natural and let’s face it, to be expected once in a blue moon – we’re all human!

Now, we know all of you readers are way too honest and candid to ever dream of phoning your employer with some half-baked excuse about the demon flu visiting your house unexpectedly in the night, and we know you’d never dream of actually bunking off from work.

But just in case you were ever tempted, February 5th is the most popular day of the calendar year to pull a swift one – and NOWTV has revealed the top – most believable reasons why people are tempted to pull a sickie. Surprisingly, only 15% of respondents said it was to nurse a hangover.

Apparently 30% of people actually want more time to relax in bed!

As for getting caught out? 70% of people are aware of not posting anything on their social media. Just in case…

Here are the top 10 excuses in order of most believable to least:

1. Flu

2. Back pain

3. Injury by accident

4. Stress

5. Elective surgery

6. Depression

7. Anxiety

8. Common cold

9. Migraine

10. None of the above

Like we said… You’re WAY too honest to use those excuses though. Right?!

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