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Hit Show Naked Attraction Is Looking For More Contestants

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Hit show Naked Attraction is on the hunt for new contestants willing to strip off in the name of true love…

For us here at Lovin, the thought is beyond uncomfortable and cringey but hey, if you’re brave enough – hat (or bras) off to you!

Unlike any other “dating” show you’ll ever bear witness to, lovers-to-be are required to get their kit off before choosing a partner (based solely on naked appearance, that is.)

Applications are still open and they’re after 18-and-overs so if you fit the bill, it could be for you.

Note: You must be willing to strip down to the public in order to participate…

Sound like it’s up your street?

All you have to do is fill out the online application and pop a picture of yourself in there too – it’s not specified that you’ve got to be starkers for this part, but you may as well get some practice in early…

If your initial application is successful, you’ll be invited on to an audition in Manchester, London or Newcastle – and after that if you get the green light – you’re on!

You can sing up now here.

Good luck everyone!

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