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Many Brits Admit Fearing The Dark Because Of This One Day-To-Day Habit

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Ever get scared sleeping with the light off? Yeah..us too.

And as it turns out – it’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about! New research by LED Hut has revealed that 42% of Brits actually sleep with the light on, and 23% admit to being scared of the dark.

But why as a nation are we so frightened?

The answer’s simpler than you think! A whopping 47% of those who sleep with a light on claim TV dramas and true crime documentaries massively fuel their fears.

Looks like Luther and The Ted Bundy Tapes have a hell of a lot to answer for.

Interestingly, 20% would check the entirety of their room for intruders before getting into bed while 18% of which even admitted to checking their wardrobes and cupboards before they felt settled for a night’s sleep.

Sounds silly but it’s true!

8% would even check for monsters under the bed.

The corridor or hallway light was the most likely to be left on to comfort Brits settling in for the night, with 59% of those who slept with the light on leaving this on.

Paul Garner, marketing director at LED Hut commented:

“Whether it’s a fear of being alone, intruders or even darkness itself, it’s surprising to see how many British adults sleep with the light on and even claim to be scared of the dark.

“Often these are slightly irrational fears stimulated by television dramas or being home alone, however this can also be caused by deep-rooted issues relating to anxiety and those who are seriously struggling should seek professional advice so they can tackle the issue head on.”

Interestingly, it was women aged between 25-34 who were most likely to sleep with the light on. Know anyone who fits the bill?

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