Brits Love Their Pet MORE Than Their Partner - According To A New Study

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A recent study has found that a concerningly large proportion of Brits love their furry BFFs more than their chosen life partner.

Odd, or just on point for our generation?..

The Maguire Family Law survey found that 15% of the 1,254 people analysed actually prefer the company of their household pet than their other half, plus a whopping third of pet-owners said they loved their animals at least as much as their partner.

The news comes alongside a growing number of divorce reports which involve arguments about pet ownership of their feline and canine friends.

Obviously the emotional upset of dividing a pet and oft-considered family member can be huge and it's reflected in the fact that a third of pet owners are of the belief that animals should be treated the same as children in a break-up. But there's no legal basis for this as it this space.

What do you think, should laws be changed to recognise the changing attitudes? Let us know in the comments!

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