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Apparently This Is How Much An Average Night Out In Manchester Costs

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Ever wondered how much you’re actually spending on a night out?

It might be scary to think about, between those last minute shots at 2am and the financially rogue ‘ah sod it shall we just skip the magic bus and get a taxi?’ but turns out that a night out in our rainy city costs us Mancunians £116 – and that’s just on average, a great many of us spend a ton more.

The study was conducted by nightlife mobile app Viper, and shows that, despite the financial fears of #Brexit looming large, going out is still very much on our social agendas.

The survey of 2,000 revellers revealed a spend of just over £116 on an average night out – on food, drinks, entry fee and transport.

Mancs spend an average of £11.18 on pre-drinks, £29.55 on food, £22.68 on transport, £14 on entry fees and £39.37 on drinks in their venue of choice on an average night out.

The study found that 26-29 year olds spend the most on an average night out in Manchester, spending almost £116, compared to 22-25 year olds who spend £98.

More than a third of 18-21 year olds don’t leave the house until between 10pm -12am and eight out of 10 revellers stay out for up to 6.5 hours. Jeez.

And it seems that dating is a huge lure for those heading out in the city at night – with a pretty hefty two in seven men say meeting a potential love-match is the main reason for going out…

Sound familiar, or are you ‘mates over dates’ any day of the week?

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