Apparently Stealing Your Boyfriend's Hoodie Is Actually Really Good For You

Finders keepers?

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that your boyfriend's hoodie always feels better on than your own.

We can't put our finger on it, but the comfort, softness and sheer huggability factor has no comparison to our own measly cardies. It's just so damn cosy.

Hence how the humble hoodie so often goes missing...soz, boys, it's not coming back either.

And now new research from the University of British Columbia's psychology department has revealed that stress levels can actually be improved by smelling your partner's clothes. It's been proven.

The study in question tested 96 women who were in a relationship with a man - and the men had to wear a hoodie for one day without any aftershave or antiperspirant, allowing their natural scent to soak through the fabric.

After asking the women to take part in everyday stressful situations and to smell three hoodies blind afterwards - one that their partner had been wearing, one with the neutral scent of clothing and one belonging to a complete stranger - the women who had sniffed their partner's scent felt significantly less stressed.

Swabs were also taken to determine the stress hormone cortisol in the women's bodies and the hormone was less prevalent when the woman had been exposed to her partner's hoodie.

And those who smelt the scent of a stranger were more stressed, and this is only thought to happen when a woman smells a man's scent.

As if we needed an excuse...

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