Apparently Keeping Your Christmas Decorations Up Is Good For Your Mental Health

Like we needed an excuse...

Xmas Decs

Apparently keeping your sparklingly festive lights up - not just in December but all year round - does whopper things for your mental health.

So tell your resident Scrooge to back down if they're trying to force them back into the attic before you're ready...

Chicago environmental psychologist Dr Sally Augustin says keeping the lights and sparkle does wonders for your psyche.

Speaking to the Mail Online, she talks of how very "responsive" we as humans are to our senses.

"Developing on the savanna, where our current sensory systems developed, when we would see warm light, it was often a campfire at the end of the day, signalling cooking and positive experiences."

Dr Augustin believes that we associate candles and warmer lights so synonymous with Christmas with positive associations, creating a relaxed and happy environment - not to mention a more invitingly social one.

It all sounds very hygge to us - think hot chocolates by the fire, twinkling fairy lights around the hearth and cosy blankets.

Maybe January won't be so bad after all...

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