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A Study Has Found That Men Down South Are Bigger Than Up North

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, penis size and sexual performance have always been a huge (no pun intended) topic of interest for men – and women alike.

A recent survey conducted by London International Andrology clinic has found that men from the South, and particularly central London on average have a bigger penis size to men further North.

But if you’re from the East Midlands you might want to look away now…

The study found that the average size for men living in London was 6.51 inches, whilst the likes of the North East, Yorks and Humber and the North West averaged 6.33, 6.29 and 6.41 respectively.

Whilst those from the East Midlands area averaged just 6.11 inches…

The study proved that this did not make the lovers more satisfactory to their partners in bed in general – if size does matter, however the Welsh topped the leader board on this one. Their trouser snakes averaged at 6.56 inches. Funnily enough the survey also found that the Welsh have the least amount of sex, with only 33% doing the deed once a week.

Don’t worry though lads, apparently size doesn’t really matter. The survey also found that 60.7% of women respondents were satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

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