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A Quarter Of Brits Say This One Thing Drives Them To Drink And Smoke

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Ever wanted to quit the habit of drinking or smoking, or both? But there’s been something getting in the way…money woes, toxic relationships, stressful jobs, peer pressure and general life stresses are often factors which cause people who’ve vowed to give up one or the other to fall off the band wagon, so to speak.

But apparently there’s another factor too, and it might come as something of a surprise.

A whopping quarter of Brits say that Blue Monday woes drive them to drink and smoke more than any other time of year.

For the 4.8 million Brits that have attempted to quit smoking this January, Blue Monday proves a more difficult day than most. In fact, according to research commissioned by Vapemate across a nationally representative sample of 2005 UK adults, it was found that 75% of smokers are attempting to quit this new year.

With 92% of resolutions doomed to fail and Blue Monday marking the most depressing and trying day of the year, Vapemate, has revealed exclusive research into how the Blue Monday woes affect the smokers trying to quit:

  • 23% of those that tried to quit smoking or drinking this January have ended up smoking/drinking more after they failed
  • 9% of us attempted to give up smoking this new year, representing 4.8 million Brits nationwide
    • The UK smoking population amounts to 6.1 million, meaning more than 75% had a new year’s resolution to kick the habit
  • For the 92% of smokers that fail by this Saturday, 47% of them won’t try again until 2020
    • 32% of them believe that the pressure of the new year makes it more difficult to give up than any other time of year
    • 44% of Brits say that the combination of returning to work, poor weather and post-festive blues make January the worst time of year to try and give up smoking
  • 38% of Brits have never kept a new year’s resolution
  • 41% of Brits say quitting smoking is the hardest resolution to keep

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of Vapemate, says:

“For those of us wanting to exercise more or be more financially responsible, there are simple and attainable milestones and goals that can be incorporated into everyday life. However, with cigarettes, research has shown that you are far more likely to succeed in quitting with the right support.

“For those finding it difficult to quit this January, you are not alone. It would seem that more than half of Brits believe the government’s measures to dissuade cigarette smokers from picking up a packet are failing. 54% of Brits stated that the health warnings and plain packaging initiatives on tobacco products are not enough of a disincentive.”

What do you think? Have you managed to stay strong? Let us know in the comments!

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