It’s National Pun Day And The Internet Naturally Delivered

These are sure to brighten up you “punday” night.

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Today is national pun day - don’t worry I didn’t know that was a real thing either.

The annual day of Pun marks the final of the Pun Championships (again I also did not know this was a thing) which feature eight comedians battling it out to see who is the punniest of all.

However, the day isn’t just for the comedians of the world. As it turns out there are quite a lot of punny people out there and they’ve taken to Twitter to share their favourite play on words.

Here are some of the best ones we found that are sure to make you giggle and groan:

Well, if your eyes haven't rolled into the back of your head from these puntastic Tweets then maybe you have been inspired to create you own pun? Let us know in the comments below.

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