4 Tips For Fighting Your Sunday Night Dread

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It’s Sunday night - you’re probably alone in your bedroom, a globule of drool trickles down your chin and you just exerted a wail of despair that would surely be considered Oscar worthy.

You’re surrounded by the debris and trophies of another successful weekend revelling in the city of Manchester - hard-earned clutter that reminds you of the good times had over the weekend yet also warns of how incredibly poor the week ahead is set to be.

For the post-millennial inner-city civilian our sacred Sabbath has arguably become one of the worst days of the week due to the dread and anxieties that we associate with the impending week. 

The end is nigh. The end of all good things that have brought you joy for the past two days and nights is nigh.

'The Dread' and fear runs riot throughout your body. But fear not, we've developed a fool-proof 4-step guide, a dread-combat masterclass, if you will...

So - let’s make Sunday Funday again.

4. Fill your belly

It’s early Sunday evening, you’ve just left the pub and most of your friends have gone their separate ways, you were all in this together but as you take your leave your anti-dread alliance dwindles and you’re probably left with no-one but your housemates. 

First thing's first, get on the blower to Deliveroo and continue the festivities by ordering some top draw scran from one of Manchester’s finest eateries

Don’t make any rash decisions on an empty stomach, feel the love of the noble carb and have a laugh with your buds. There’s hope yet.


3. Watch some feel-good telly  

Graham Norton is the best friend you’ll ever have on a Sunday night.

Hit up your nearest snack outlet and melt into the sofa for an hour of beautiful TV escapism. 

Some sources claim they feel like they’re actually a part of the conversations, conversing and laughing with the guests. I’m not so sure about that but whatever Sunday night TV tipple you might choose, Graham Norton certainly has that perfectly light-hearted sense of humour that just makes everything feel better.

Graham Norton1

2. Get nice and comfy

It’s of the utmost priority that you exceed your body’s relaxation expectations when delving into the depths of a Sunday evening.

Cast forth the sweet aroma of your favourite incense, run yourself a nice candlelit bath and kick back with some Desert Island.

Allow all your dread and anxieties to slip away down the plughole.

Candle Bath

1. Be mindful

Warring with the Sabbath is a war of the mind so change the way you feel about Monday morning:

Firstly, split the week up. Think in sections. Think progressively. Think change. Positive change at that. Remind yourself of all those good things that will surely occur this week too. 

Then, make sure you’ve got something delicious or exciting ready to treat yourself to on Monday. It’s going to be tough but you can always rely on treats. They'll never let you down. 

Finally, plan something to look forward to mid-week, it’s likely there will be the inevitable Wednesday drop into doom and gloom. However, if you have some sort of salsa class or tenpin bowling experience in the mid-week pipeline, next weekend will feel well within your grasp. Where it belongs.


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