WATCH: Manchester City Fans Film Themselves Smashing The Sinks In Old Trafford Toilets

Unpleasant scenes...


Is this what we want the world to see?

With so many high profile footballers plying their trade in this city these days as well as two of the most successful managers in the global game, any Manchester Derby is always going to attract the attention of the international football community. 

United played host to City last night in a much anticipated EFL Cup tie and sadly video has emerged today of City fans smashing up sinks at Old Trafford after seeing their side lose 1-0 to their rivals. 

The 10-second clip was posted by the @footyawayday Twitter account and can be seen below:

Laughing, cheering and and chanting their club's name for all to hear. Clever. 

I mean, fair play to whoever filmed this because they may have just gotten their club into a lot of trouble as well as making their mates look like the idiots they are to millions around the world. 

Ignoring football allegiances for a moment, this kind of reckless bravado does nothing for the global reputation of our great city.

Still, at least they weren't pelting kids with coins, eh?

Truly a sad night for English football. 

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