Zlatan Staying, Pogba Playing And A Rallying Cry For Supporters: The Best Bits from José's Press Conference

Back to Old Trafford tomorrow...


United manager José Mourinho has called on players and fans to bring the fear factor back to Old Trafford. He was speaking at his press conference ahead of the visit of Southampton on Friday night. 

Here are the main talking points:

On bringing back the Old Trafford fear factor:

"I can't. The team, yes. And the fans too. Everything starts there. If at Old Trafford a couple of thousand away opponents can be more supportive and more noisy than 70 something thousand then we are in trouble and it means that there is no connection between the team and the supporters.

If there is connection I think that factor of being strong at home has to be back. But I think everything starts with that relationship between the team and the fans. The way the team plays and the way the team behaves - that includes the mental approach - if the fans they feel that connection and if the fans play, there is no chance for the opponent.”

On Paul Pogba's chances of playing:

"We played with some players against Leicester with less training than Paul. We had guys coming back from the Euros and their holidays with one week of training. 

Yes, he is ready to play. 90 minutes, I don't believe. A super performance, I don't believe. But he will get some minutes."

The current mood of Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

"I see him happy. I ask about his family, his wife, his kids. I know how important these things are to him. Integration, house and everything is fine and everybody is happy. He has a very high motivation, so I see him here, no doubts, for the next two years

On the impressive early form of Eric Bailly:

"He is a young boy playing in a completely different competition with a different club, but despite all the pressure and expectation that comes with playing for United, he plays against Leicester at Wembley and is comfortable, leading and communicative."

On the possibility of signing another player:

"The market is open until 31 August, but I am very happy with the players I have. I keep saying that I don't talk about players from other clubs."

United take on Southampton on Friday night at 8pm. You can check out our preview here. 

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