Here's Why The World Record Pogba Fee Is Actually Pocket Change For United

Bargain of the century...



Definitive proof that Paul Pogba, who cost Manchester United a reported £89m, is in fact cheap as chips.

The BBC have released a handy graphic depicting how the fee paid for Pogba compares to some of the club's other high-profile signings down the years in relation to the their annual turnover at the time. 

(Credit: BBC Football)

(Pic Credit: BBC Football)

As you can see, when United paid £115,000 for Denis Law back in 1962, the fee represented 61.4% of the club's annual turnover of £187,178.

Pogba, on the other hand, cost just 17.6% of United's latest turnover figures of approximately £500m.

Bryan Robson (1981) and Rio Ferdinand (2002) are the other two signings which rank above Pogba's and they didn't turn out to be too bad.

Plus, given the amount of money Pogba is set to generate through shirt sales and other merchandise, it wouldn't have made sense NOT sign the Frenchman regardless of the fee, right?

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