WATCH: The Nervy Footage Filmed By Plucky Pair Who Spent The Night At Old Trafford

How did they get away with this?

Yesterday, we brought you news of to brazen football fans who snuck away from an Old Trafford tour on Friday and spent the night in the stadium toilets ahead of the Manchester United v Arsenal match the following afternoon. 

Video has emerged filmed by the guys in question. Youtuber Uosof Ahmadi and his friend Kyle even managed to catch some of the game the following afternoon before being clocked by security. 

They were even greeted with a jovial 'good morning' by some staff as they made their way from the freezing bathrooms to check out the pre match preparations on the Old Trafford pitch.

The full video of the lads' overnight adventure can be viewed here below.

It contains some nervy moments particularly as security carry out their bathroom checks and the lads are nearly caught out:

What a story and they didn't even get arrested in the end. 

Needless to say, Manchester United will be stepping up their security efforts ahead of their next big game.

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