Two Ticketless Scallies Spend Night At Old Trafford In A Bid To Watch Arsenal Clash

Brings a whole new meaning to the Theatre Of Dreams...


Two brazen Manchester United fans reportedly staged a sleepover at Old Trafford on Friday night in an admittedly impressive attempt at sticking around for the the Red Devils' Premier League clash against Arsenal on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair, thought to be foreign students, took an official tour of the stadium on Friday afternoon before venturing away from the group and hiding in the public toilets at the Theatre of Dreams. 

They were only spotted the following morning by security staff doing a routine check of the stadium before the crucial meeting with the Gunners. 

Police reportedly decided not to arrest the cheeky pair as they weren't deemed a threat to matchgoers.

Looking on the bright side, at least they didn't get to see Arsenal snatch a last gasp draw courtesy of Olivier Giroud:

Let's be honest, they're not the first folks to have had a snooze at Old Trafford in recent years, amirite?

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