The Most Famous Dogs In England Have Just Arrived In Manchester

Could they be any cuter?

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While the transfer of Alexi Sanchez to Manchester United ahead of their rivals Manchester City has been the talk of the football world for the last month there was still one huge question remaining....where were the dogs?

While Sanchez had been busy signing his £500,000 a week contract there was no sign of Atom and Humber who were still down in London.

Atom and Humber are a regular presence on Sanchez's social media profiles...

He's been known to fly them all over the world on his travels by private jet...

Back in London! ⚽️💪🏼🇬🇧

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And the dogs have now moved into the Lowry Hotel where they are reunited with their owner and living beside the manager Jose Mourinho...

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Good boys...

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