REPORT: United Players 'Disappointed' By Mourinho's Distant Approach

Have we got a revolt on our hands?


The Times are reporting that Manchester United players have been left surprised by José Mourinho's distant approach since taking charge of the club. 

The article by Paul Hirst which appeared on Tuesday claims that Mourinho will often instruct his players at the start of training before returning to his office, leaving assistant Rui Faria in charge of the session. 

"Mourinho’s cold approach to his players has also disappointed some United players. Some of them were expecting Mourinho to take a keen personal interest in them, but he has often cut himself off from the squad.

Some feel they would benefit more from a closer relationship with the 53-year -old – particularly after the treatment they received from Louis van Gaal – but Mourinho is said to prefer to keep his distance from the players."

Reports over the weekend also suggested Mourinho was looking for a mole in the United dressing room who has been leaking information to the media. 

With the Portuguese manager's capitualation at Chelsea last season as well as previous dressing room unrest during his spell at Real Madrid should United fans be fearing a revolt? Let us know in the comments.  

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