PICS: Check Out This Local Lad's Amazing Piece Of Paul Pogba Artwork

A Pog made out of Pogs...


It was the football story of the summer and now a local artist has chronicled #POGBACK in the most appropriate fashion possible.

Fans were enamoured with the Paul Pogba/Manchester United will-they-won't-they saga which finally saw the Frenchman return to Old Trafford after a four year spell playing in Italy with Juventus. 


To celebrate Pogba's return, Wakefield Street bar and restaurant the Black Dog Ballroom have teamed up with Rick Redman who has previously worked on this stunning picture of late singer Amy Winehouse:


As well as this highly impressive image of Queen Elizabeth II using just 1p coins:


Now he has put together this amazing depiction of Paul Pogba using just.... (you've guessed it) Pogs! 


People who grew up in the 1990s will have no trouble remembering the popular playground game which involved throwing a plastic 'slammer' onto the circular caps in a bid to win as many as possible and become the toast of the schoolyard. 

Over 450 pogs were individually hand painted to create the Pogba double which stands at around a metre tall and uses the rare slammers disks to create Pogba’s trademark colourful hair.

Speaking about the masterpiece, Ross Mackenzie, co-founder and MD of Black Dog Ballroom, said:

“Our Black Dog venue is a popular Manchester spot to catch the football and with the news of Paul Pogba making his long-awaited return to United, we knew we had to do something special to celebrate.” 


Rick,  the man responsible for the piece added:

“When the team at Black Dog Ballroom contacted me about this project, I knew I had to get involved. It was a long process, as each pog had to be painted to make the picture come together, but I feel like this is some of the best work I’ve done."

If you fancy checking out the artwork while enjoying some good food, beer and football be sure to head on down to the Black Dog Ballroom to catch the Manchester clubs in these live TV games:

Wednesday 19th October

Barcelona vs Man City - at 7:45pm

Thursday 20th October

Man Utd vs Fenerbahce - at 8:05pm

Sunday 23rd October

Man City vs Southampton - at 1.30pm

Chelsea vs Man Utd - at 4pm

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