OPINION: Here's Why Ryan Giggs Was Right About United Players' Post-Match Chelsea Reactions

Smiles all round...


Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs caused somewhat of a stir on Monday by criticising Red Devils players for being in such good spirits after their 4-0 demolishing at the hands of Chelsea on Sunday. 

Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was smiling with Eden Hazard while goalkeeper David De Gea was seen grinning with fellow Spaniard Marcos Alonso. 


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Giggs claimed that players shouldn't be standing around laughing after being on the end of such a humiliating scoreline. The Welshman feels that players should shake hands, thank supporters and get off the pitch. 

Is he right? And if so, what does this behaviour come down to?

Given the post-match tradition in football, and indeed practically all other sports, to shake hands with the opposition no matter what the result, the smiles seen on the United players faces may have more to do with basic manners than anything more sinister. 

Human nature would suggest that smiling is a natural reaction when one is approached by a another person attempting to shake your hand but what kind of a message does this send out to fans? 

There's a difference between a knowing smile and a congratulatory pat on the back of the head and the way in which De Gea and Ibrahimovic were chewing the fat with the Chelsea players. 

Surely the jovial conversations that were had could have waited until they were behind closed doors at Stamford Bridge, away from the gaze of thousands of travelling United fans in the stadium and millions more watching around the globe. 

While not everyone agreed with what Giggs had to say, as a product of the relentless United sides of the Sir Alex Ferguson era, perhaps he is well placed to comment. 

Imagine the reaction of Giggs' early United team mates such as Roy Keane, Peter Schmeichel and Steve Bruce if the Welshman had been seen having the 'LOLs' with oppostion players after such a hammering?

Even his fellow members of the 'Class of 92' era such as Nicky Butt, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes would have never done anything more than shake the opponents' hands and thank the fans before trudging back into the dressing room for a dose of the famous Fergie harirdryer. 

Since Fergie left, one of the major problems during both the David Moyes and the Louis Van Gaal eras has been an apparent lack of fight in the Old Trafford dressing room. Players giving fans the impression that they aren't hurt by losing 4-0 to one of their major rivals can't be helping. 

Things have been far from rosy at Old Trafford since José Mourinho took over and the Portuguese boss could do worse than reminding his stars of their responsibilities to fans. 

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