Manchester United And Liverpool Issue Joint Statement Ahead Of Their Monday Meeting

Fans have been warned...


It's one of the most heated rivalries in world football and Manchester United and Liverpool are taking no chances ahead of their Premier League meeting at Anfield on Monday night. 

The clubs have released a joint statement urging fans to be on their best behaviour following a number of incendiary incidents in the recent past. 

The statement which was released on both clubs official website reads reads:

"Both clubs, their supporters and football fans around the world are looking forward to this historic and passionate match between two of the sport’s biggest and oldest rivals.

"There is great rivalry between our fans and we ask all supporters to be respectful and help eradicate all forms of offensive and discriminatory behaviour from the game.

"If any supporters are found to be engaged in any form of offensive or discriminatory behaviour by stewards or via CCTV then they will be immediately removed from the stadium, risk arrest, prosecution and be reported in accordance with the club’s ground regulations. 

"This is an unrivalled fixture in the Premier League calendar and we thank all fans for their continued support in this important area of the game."

The match at Anfield is perhaps the most anticipated in world football this week with an estimated 700 million people from over 200 countries expected to tune in. 

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