Fan Writes Open Letter Blaming Players As Old Trafford Continues To Collapse

Three managers, same woeful results...


A lot of Manchester United fans are beginning to lose patience. 

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013 after 26 glorious years, David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal have both failed to manage the club to anywhere near the level fans were expecting. 

No supporter expected either to do the job to anywhere near the incredibly high standards of Ferguson but a certain level of success, or even stability, was perhaps anticipated under each of them. 

They both ultimately paid the price for fan dissatisfaction with their jobs (to their credit - Moyes performed well in Europe while Van Gaal delivered the 2016 F.A. Cup) and now it appears the first grumblings against José Mourinho are starting to appear amidst a poor run of form culminating in Thursday night's 2-1 Europa League loss to Fenerbahce. 

However, can much blame can be attributed to Ferguson's three successors when the players have failed to perform under all of them? After a solid start which saw Mourinho notch up three league wins in his first three games, recent form has seen a familiar dark, gloomy feeling take hold at Old Trafford. 

Having spent most of the last three years criticising Moyes and Van Gaal for team performances, it appears that supporters now feel that perhaps the managers aren't to blame. 

José couldn't help pointing the blame at the players after Thursday's defeat and now one fan has aimed to sum up the emotions of those who feel the United players aren't fighting for the club.

Séamus Bannon feels that the United heroes of yesteryear, and even the squad players who didn't get much game time, would never have put in any kind of the woeful displays that have been demonstrated at Old Trafford in recent times.

Take a read of Séamus' impassioned plea here: 


Some well made points but do you think Séamus is jumping the gun deflecting blame from Mourinho or are the players' abject displays being influenced by a general lack of fight and passion? Let us know what you think.

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