Dictator Kim Jong-Un Is A 'Major Manchester United Fan'

He loves a winner

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Kim Jong-Un may have temporarily paused his quest to destroy Donald Trump's America now that Manchester United are topping the Premier League - because it turns out he's reportedly a superfan of the Reds.

The North Korean leader, who has been implicated in rumours and stories for having those who question him offed among other horrors, is apparently well keen on MUFC - and never misses a match.

That's according to an Italian senator, anyway. Antonio Razzi claims he's had chats with ol' Kim, and the diminutive dictator revealed his allegiance.

According to Sick Chirpse, the senator said: "Kim is a big Manchester United fan it’s true. He never compares himself to heroes like Eric Cantona or Zlatan Ibrahimovich though – there is only Kim.

"Following the emergence of North Korean wonderkid Han Jwang-song in the Italian second tier with Perugia, Kim also believes that it’s only a matter of time before North Korean players flood the Premiership.

"He never misses an international tournament and has followed the sport for some time now, regularly being spotted at the San Siro whilst he was studying in Switzerland."

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