Bastian Schweinsteiger - The Happiest Man In Town

He's not going away that easily...


He hasn't gone away you know. 

Bastian Schweinsteiger, recently frozen out by United manager José Mourinho, isn't letting the situation get him down. 

He's posted an update for all his fans on Twitter to let them (and José) know he's still smiling:

It follows a number of happy-go-lucky tweets in recent weeks including this one congratulating his soon to be former team mates on winning the Community Shield:

And before that, this video thanking supporters for wishing him a happy birthday:

Good ol' Basti. Even if you want to kick him while he's down, he'll congratulate you on your effort. Which, knowing how much José likes to get under people's skin, while only serve to infuriate him further. Bastian Schweinsteiger. The happiest man in town. 

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James Fenton

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