VIDEO: The Wondergoal Which Catapulted David Beckham To Global Attention Happened 20 Years Ago Today

A star was born...


Ahhh that balmy summer of 1996. The Fugees were Killing us Softly, the Spice Girls were spreading the gospel of 'Girl Power', and the England football team were national heroes after their Euro 96 exploits. How times have changed. 

One English player who was not involved in the tournament waited until later in the summer before introducing himself to a global audience. 

Now one of the most famous people on the planet, David Beckham had been a member of Manchester United's double-winning side of 1995/1996 but it was his halfway line goal against Wimbledon on August 17th 1996 that really catapulted him into the limelight and got sponsors the world over reaching for their chequebooks. 

Oh, and it also captured the attention of one Victoria Adams who would later become the Posh to his Becks.

Where were you when Beckham saw Sullivan off his line? 

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