This Is How To Get Tickets To A Manchester City Match At The Etihad Stadium

There are a number of options out there...


Fancy a visit to the Etihad this season? Here's how...

1. Buy a season ticket

Okay, so you've probably left it too late for this season. D'oh. 

Why not join the waiting list for 2017/2018 for just a £100 deposit. You never know, perhaps City will be European Champions and have a whole host of glamorous new signings for you to feast your eyes on. 

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2. Individual match tickets

Want to support City but can't commit to going to matches every week? Look no further. 

The best way to do this is to register on the official Manchester City website. The club will notify you about when tickets become available. 

It's always handy to keep an eye on this page too so you can check which games are sold out (you'll see here that big games such as the Manchester Derby against United in September are very hard to come by – you must be a Cityzen member.

3. Go to a League Cup/FA Cup game

Attaining tickets to a Premier League/Champions League game can prove difficult and costly. 

Why not take in a good old-fashioned cup battle? The early rounds of the League Cup are often seen by regular match-goers as a chance to take midweek break from football.

Similiarly a lot don't fancy the FA Cup as temperatures plummet in January and February.

What is guaranteed from these games is a pure football experience, a chance to check out some of City's upcoming stars and a cup atmosphere (mostly under the floodlights) which differs from the high-pressure stakes of Premier League and Champions League. 

The League cup generally runs from September to February while the FA Cup takes place throughout late winter to spring. 


4. Viagogo

The ticket website actually has a partnership with City and is the ideal place to go if tickets are sold out on the club's website. 

Members are able to exchange tickets without having to meet up to lend their season card. 

The website runs on the principle of consumer protection and they claim that "buyers are guaranteed to get the tickets they pay for in time for the event".

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5. Ticketbis 

Ticketbis is a Spanish company which claims to act as as an intermediary between those who have tickets but are unable to attend and those who want to attend. 

While tickets for high-profile matches are often available through this site, the prices can be jacked up so be wary.

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6. Sit in the away end

Hear us out. With away tickets to Premier League games set to be capped at £30 for the 2016/2017 season, this is viable way to see City at the Etihad without it costing an arm and a leg. 

Just remember to keep shtum when Sergio Aguero nets that last-minute winner. 


7. Travel Agencies

For City fans living overseas there a number of ways to get your hands on tickets and this is where Ireland comes in handy.

With the Emerald Isle having a huge target market of Premier League fans, there are numerous travel agencies which offer packages (match tickets included) to games in England. Trips vary from one or two night stays to days trips over and back or the airplane or boat. 

The flight from Dublin to Manchester is a mere hop and a skip at about 35 minutes. The boat takes about 3 hours and is followed by a train journey from Holyhead to Manchester (via Chester) which is a great opportunity to take in some of the famed British Countryside. 

So if you're not from this part of the world and spending some time in Ireland why not break up your trip with a day or two across the Irish Sea taking in some top quality football? You won't regret it. 

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