PICS: The City Match Was Called Off Last Night But Fans Still Turned Up In Their Numbers

Wet and wild at the Etihad...

Img 1323

So City's Champions League against Borussia Monchengladbach didn't go ahead last night due to a storm which is being described as one of the worst Manchester has ever seen. 

We had our photographer in place to capture the atmosphere around the ground but unfortunately the poor sod was one of thousands who got drenched in the build-up to the game that never was. 

He still managed to capture some decent snaps of soggy fans coming to terms with their wasted journey as the news broke:

It'll take more than a piece of chocolate to keep the impending cold at bay... 

Img 1269

Some hot grub might help... 

Img 1331

The programmes weren't selling great...

Img 1345

Spirits certainly weren't dampened for these visiting German fans... 

Img 1349

Some people saw the funny side while others were just miserable...

Img 1336

The game was officially called off and reality hit home...

Img 1301

The long, wet journey home...

Img 1359

But surely they'll all be back tonight in high spirits. The rearranged game is due to kick off at 7.45pm.

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These images were taken by Jacob King. You can see more of his work on Twitter @jacobkingphoto 

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