Britain's Greatest Sporting City Of 2017 Has Been Named

Surely we've nailed it?

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The coveted title of Britain's greatest sporting city 2017 has been revealed - and it's LIVERPOOL.

It basically tells you the city you should live in if you're a mega sports fan in the UK. 

Sad times for Mancs, as our North West rival's nailed the award, given by ESPN and the University of Bath.

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Manchester maintained second position - the same as last year - while Liverpool have gone from fourth in 2016 to first.

Last year's top city was Leicester - how times have changed, as they are now at 12th.

The football presence of Liverpool and Everton was part of the rating, along with the rugby league presence of nearby St Helens.

And that's not to mention the prepping of the 2022 Commonwealth Games bid, which it looks to be duking out with Birmingham.

Here's the top 10 with their scores out of a possible 100:

  1. Liverpool - 74.53
  2. Manchester - 73.99
  3. London - 69.78
  4. Leeds - 68.45
  5. Sheffield - 63.63
  6. Glasgow - 63.58
  7. Newcastle - 62.34
  8. Brighton - 60.77
  9. Cardiff - 57.95
  10. Edinburgh - 57.5

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