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You’ll Find The Tastiest Authentic Neapolitan Pizza In This Little Didsbury Spot

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This is a contentious subject, as everyone has strong feelings as to where exactly does the best pizza in Manchester. I did too until I tried this one and now I don’t honestly believe I can eat pizza from anywhere else and be equally satisfied…

Up until recently if you told me there was a pizza nicer than the Portobello or Cotto in Rudy’s on Cotton Street I probably would have told you that you were delusional. But I tried the famous Proove Pizza on West Didsbury’s Burton Road recently for the first time and was blown away by the quality there. I had heard good things about these guys even before living directly in Manchester but being surrounded by a whole host of good places just a mere stone’s throw away has, admittedly, made me a little lazy and I never made the trek out before this occasion. And more fool me.

The pizza tasted incredible (I had a cheeky nibble of my colleague’s just for good measure) but I actually opted for the calzone myself. Not a usual choice for me but I was very happy with my decision after that first perfect bite – and not to mention the thing was enormous. I couldn’t, in truth, actually decide whether to fight it, adopt it or eat it. But I decided on the latter and my taste buds were very grateful of the fact. Despite the San Daniele (featuring San Marzano tomatoes, prosciutto, a handful of fresh rocket and shavings of parmigiano reggiano) looking the most worthy of the term food porn, the calzone was hands down my favourite with the fennel salami, roast ham and onion making the perfect combination… It was just divine. Salty, cheesy and positively brimming with Fior di latte mozzarella and fresh basil – two of my absolute favourite foods.

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The pizza bases were lovely and light and tasted as beautifully rustic as they looked with their charred charm reminding you of the real deal in Naples. Despite wolfing down an entire mountain of calzone I didn’t feel sickeningly full afterwards either. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection on how light and fresh the pizzas are or how much of a hound I am. Either way they were delicious.

It is a proper sit down restaurant too so you can go out and make a night of it, or get a takeaway pizza and have a movie night at home. They deliver too via Deliveroo so wave a hearty goodbye to your usual Dominoes – they are beyond comparison and very reasonably priced between £7-11 for a very hearty portion.

We were also recommended the Nocciolo Cheesecake by our lovely waiter so threw caution to the winds and opted for that and the Salted Caramel Brownie to share. A staff favourite, the cheesecake was sumptuously decadent and positively melted in your mouth.

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I’d go back again and again just for this and have been gabbling away about it to anyone who would listen since my visit.

A real gem of a place – if you don’t live in Didsbury it is 100% worth the joruney out to visit just to try Proove.

You won’t regret it, trust me.

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