You Have To Try This New Secret Stockport Restaurant With No Menu Tonight

Secrecy is their daily special...

Where The Light Gets In

Opening this month, Stockport's Where The Light Gets In eatery professes to "tell a story" through its dining experience.

Growing in fame and intrigue through the obscurity of its concept, Where The Light Gets In offers no menu so to speak, but instead has a set daily offering bred from curiosity and the initiative to use the land around us (which changes depending on the catch, meat and vegetables which are in season on the day.)

Officially open for business

The set dinner is priced at £65 and if you choose to have an additional wine pairing to accompany your meal this will set you back an extra 35 squidlings.

That's per person folks - so it's not a cheap affair by anyone's standards (unless you're Bill Gates or a newly-reincarnated Mark Zuckerberg.)

Yet, already the unusual restaurant have caused quite the stir in and around Manchester, already growing a solid fan-base on social media. Those early birds who've already experienced a version of the lavish daily menu have been conveying their love and affection for such an unusual and high-quality experience, with its foraging-esque foodie roots.

Enchiladas for family tea before service tonight, Caroline smiles because she overbooked on xx

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Fancy lighting up your standard evening fare?

The Stockport eatery are open for business Wednesday through to Saturday from 6.30pm and are located on 7 Rostron Brow, Stockport, closeby to local watering hole - The Cocked Hat.

Stuff to note: Final bookings are taken at 9pm.

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