Dog Prosecco Is Officially Here And It's Breaking The Internet

Hounded after a long day?


You can now share a drink with your favourite canine or feline friend!

'Pawsecco' is a still 'wine' that's safe for your dog or cat to drink. It's made by the folks at Wolf and Brew company, and it features a heady mix of Elderflower, Linden Blossom & Ginseng.

Priced between £2.99 - £7.49 you can choose between the Pet-House White’ or the ‘Pet-House Rose.'

It should be noted that Pawsecco is non-alcoholic so it won't leave your pet stumbling around the house or give them a doggie hangover the morning after - it's all good.

You can feed 'pawsecco' to your pooch over their daily grub or in a bowl, just maybe don't let them drink it out of the bottle!


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