Top 17 Sarnies In Manchester That'll Make Your Mouth Water For Lunchtime

Everything better between bread

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Look, we're a simple lot.

Stick a load of ingredients between two slices of bread and we're sorted for happiness. 

And there's so much choice in Manchester, you could have a different lunch treat every day and never get bored.

Here's some inspiration for you.

1. Pastrami Now

"The Sandwich Kings of Levenshulme Market" make home-cured pastrami and salt beef - their greatest hits include the Pink one - tender salt beef with pink sauce, beetroot, horseradish and cream cheese - and the Green one - peppery pastrami with green sauce, Emmental cheese, paprika and sauerkraut. Too much lush. More details here.

2. Koffee Pot

This NQ hotspot has created sandwich heaven with their Cuban sandwich aka 'a Cubano' - ham, roast pork, melted Swiss, pickles and Dijon mustard. Can you say Carnegie Deli? More here.

3. Soup Kitchen

The Stevenson Square hangout's just unveiled their new spring deli sandwich marrying crunchy carrot, coriander and lime marinated tuna with picked cucumber, red onion and chilli mayo. Fuck that's a winner. More here.

4. BEASTro

They're not on offer anymore, but the signature flat iron steak sarnie from the meaty maestros is available on the lunch menu for a fiver. Lush. Read more here.

5. Northern Soul


Hey, bread's great, but toasted? Bloody Nora. This city centre gem boasts a classic American grilled sandwich oozing with three kinds of cheese for a fiver. Catch up here.

6. Volta

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Burton Road's a dining destination for SoMa residents, and the chargrilled steak sandwich with Dovedale blue cheese (£7.50) should tell you why. Read about them here.

7. Katsouri's


Deansgate's full of people with telltale blue bags at lunch, as office staff flock to this cafe and deli. Depending on your choice, a half will set you back between £3.30 and £3.80 and it's about £6.50 for a full which will keep you filled up until next Tuesday. Catch up here.

8. West Corner NQ

The West CNR Reuben is another Noo Yoik-style nom that's got us wishing we were on hols Stateside. But it's cheaper to head to the NQ for this jam-packed sarnie. More here.

9. A Taste of Honey 

Freshly cut sandwiches on barbakan bread #fresh #food #everyday

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West Didsbury's deli-to-treasure has different freshly-made options every day, but two things are  alert - they'll be made with the best ingredients and they will make you want to weep with joy. Website here.

11. Pokusevski’s

Pokusevskis Sandwich

This Heaton Moor destination offers a chunky Iberian take on the classic ham-and-cheese - a mouth-watering grilled chorizo and manchego topped with chilli mayo and served between two slices of focaccia. Nom nom nom. More here.

12. Gorilla

There are always specials in the Arches, but this recent spicy pulled pork sandwich with crackling and sweet sweet potato fries is the one that's caught our eye. They're right here.

13. Barbakan

This Chorlton deli recently won an award for its bread - but the fillings match it, with spicy piri piri chicken, chilli pesto mayo and chopped green chillies bringing the heat with a mixed leaf salad for just £3.50. Website here.

14. Viet Shack

Bánh Mì Fo'Life ✌🏼️

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A banh mi is the Vietnamese answer to a baguette - and, with the French influence on the nation's food, it's in a big baguette. Get thee to th Arndale to taste this sensation. It's all here

15. Home Sweet Home

Seriously - if you can look at this brisket mac melt from the Northern Quarter eatery and not start drooling on your computer, you're not welcome here. Oh, unless you don't eat meat - then we're really sorry. Pick them out here.

16. Philpotts

Because sometimes, you just can't make it anywhere else - Philpotts has a load of stores in Manchester, including a new opening in Spinningfields, and they have some pretty nice choices that beat out certain supermarket meal deals. They're here.

17. Velbekomme

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 At 10 56 59

Check it - sandwiches WITHOUT LIDS. The smørrebrød are three for a fiver at this Barlow Moor Road hive, with Scandi flavours like pickled herring and dill; frikadelle (meatballs) on red cabbage with Remoulade - a Norwegian mild mustardy mayo-type dressing; and salami, Remoulade and crispy onions. They're here.

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