This New Spring Menu Launches Tomorrow And It Includes Giant Vegan Cookies

Great news for Manchester's vegans...


Breakfast and lunch favourite Pret A Manger is launching its brand new spring menu tomorrow (17th April), and it looks insanely good. 

While there are lots of tasty new lunch options, and many healthy options too, catering both both vegans and vegetarians, there is a standout item.

Giant dark chocolate and almond butter cookies are coming - and they have been said to taste just like heavenly chocolate homemade cookies, all rich and gooey, with a crispy outer. 

The best and most surprising thing about these cookies is that they are 100% vegan, with almond butter and coconut oil replacing the dairy. Each cookie costs £1.45, which for the size of them is very good value.

I can't think of a better option to go with my lunchtime latte, in all honesty.

So, what else is on offer?

1. Vegan mango and banana sunshine bowl, Pret, £2.99

Pret A Manger is also launching additional vegan products, including the Mango & Banana Sunshine Bowl, (£2.99) which is described as a combination of ‘blended ripe mangoes with banana, coconut milk, granola and a little turmeric’. 

Sounds like a great way to start the day to us!

Pret 1

2. Vegan chilli bean flatbread, Pret, £3.99

This hearty flatbread is filled with spicy vegan bean chilli, with creamy avocado, charred corn, black bean salsa, pickled onions, red peppers and mixed salad leaves. 

It's a smokey tasting number and one we predict will be a big hit for lunching...

The chilli flatbread is a chef’s special and only available from 1 May – 2 July. It has a REAL kick!

Pret 2

3. Vegan avocado, olive and roasted tomato baguette, Pret, £3.50

Think sliced avocado with Kalamata olive tapenade, roasted tomatoes and peppery rocket nestled in fresh basil leaves and toasted pine nuts. 

The pine nuts add an appreciated texture to this chunky, wholesome baguette, and the olive tapenade addition is a great add on we don't usually see.

This option will become a permanent fixture on the menu, giving hungry vegans more options for a quick bite to eat when out and about.

Pret 3

4. Protein box, Pret, £4.95

An option is arriving on the menu that is packed with 35.9g of protein, so perfect post-workout in the mornings!

It’s a combination of chargrilled British chicken breast, boiled free-range eggs, creamy avocado, long-stem broccoli, spinach and a mix of seeds. There’s also a pot of a delicious new dressing that Pret’s developed, featuring roasted peppers, lemon wedges, garlic, lime and ancho chilli, which is a dark, smoky chilli from Mexico. 

We predict this will be popular with those gym go-ers...

Pret 4

Roll on tomorrow!

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