This New Restaurant Has More Goddam Heart Than The Entire City Of London

Complete with gnomes!

Heart To Feed

I'll be honest, I was almost won over by the name alone...

Another Heart To Feed

If anything oozes soul, it's this place, from the name, the genuine, warm staff to the colourful food and relaxed ambience, you could easily spend pleasurable hours on end here without noticing the time pass by.


The unassuming spot, which is fast-growing in popularity and located on Chapel Street, just a stones throw away from the Black Lion pub, touts itself as a 'Melbourne-inspired coffee shop' but in reality their food and drink offering is so much more - being equally as delectable (if not more so, to be frank) than some of the biggest London breakfast players - and before you ask, superior in terms of Instagram potential to boot.


These guys are open Tuesday - Friday 8am- 3pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm and, as the timings indicate, specialise in that most perfect of meal times we've come to know as brunch.

The menu is relatively short but creative and flamboyant in its presentation, showing a confidence in the offering which is by no means misplaced. 

Choices include the signature smashed avocado with feta, poached egg, seeds, dukkah and their (already famous) fuschia-pink beetroot houmous on sourdough alongside creations that'd make Heston Blumenthal proud: Borsch, Vodka and Tears bagel with smoked trout and lemon-infused vodka and slow-cooked pulled pork with apple juice, maple syrup and chilli jam, to name but a few.

I opted for a mix; the avo dish of course, alongside smoked salmon with cream cheese, raspberry balsamic glaze, spinach, dil and fresh lemon and also the Acai bowl with fresh banana, berries, seeds, coconut shavings and granola (who said you can't have pudding for breakfast?)


The smoked salmon was delicious and fresh, well-complimented by the cream cheese and sweet glaze on crusty bread, but it was the avocado with beetroot houmous which really blew me away.

The perfectly poached egg, chunky, tender avocado and a sprinkling of seeds is already a great, classic combination - but the addition of the house-made beet houmous was nothing short of divine, adding a sweet accent to the dish that you might not imagine would work but absolutely does. 

Simple yet beautiful, I'd eat this every day for the rest of my life quite happily.

The acai bowl (which it seems I have, embarrassingly, been pronouncing wrong ever since I fell in love with Deliciously Ella and started bringing the phrase into conversation) was also on another level.


Fresh, vibrant and embracingly good - if you have a hangover or need to blow away the morning cobwebs I cannot think of a more bounteous, not to mention great-tasting, remedy in the whole city. Layered with homemade granola, coconut, fresh berries, sliced banana and seeds it looks pretty as a picture and I barely let my dining buddy get a look-in (#sorrynotsorry)

Last but certainly not least was the Cherry Vegan Brownie from a local gal with some serious baking talent: @brownie_owl

Some people find 'vegan' in a cake description immediately off-putting, I'm willing to try anything but I've had a few bad runs in the department of healthy baking too, so I sympathise with the disinclination to jump on the vegan bandwagon blind.


This brownie however, was deliciously moist, and, what can I say? Everything a really great brownie should be, healthy or otherwise. And by that I mean, I felt something akin to grief when it was over and immediately panic-planned my next visit for another.

This place is awesome, the staff are fantastic, the decor's modern and simple (keep an eye out for cute mancunian references) and the food is frickin' delicious - oh, and don't forget to wave to the resident gnome as you go in (he seems to have been elected Guardian Of The Bakes and sits by the pastries - guy after my own heart.)

Therapeutic for the soul, this place offers, as the name indicates - real food for the heart. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.


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