This New Manchester App Lets You Order Nearly Any Kind Of Cuisine

What do you fancy eating tonight?

Food App

We've all been there on a Saturday when you're absolutely starvinggg and all you want in your belly is a big juicy burger. 

The only problemo? Your uber healthy roomie is always dying for a bitta sushi, and you've got to agree there's no point getting grub from two different places.

Well fellow food fanatics, a solution to your problem has just been developed, thanks to super handy new app Meal Pal, a subscription service which gives you the option to choose from nearly any cuisine you could ever crave - and it's landing in Manchester this week!

Delicious spots that'll be providing your grub include Chilango, Barburrito, Kettlebell Kitchen, GBK, Pitta Pit, Nudo Sushi Box, Phillpotts, Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, La Bandera, Common and many more...

Coming soon - watch this space for more info.

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