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This Is The Best Hangover Cure According To A Nutritionist

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If you’ve over done it this Christmas period then you’ll know the pain of a hangover. Whether it’s the blurry vision, the headache and the urge to eat literally everything in our fridge. 

But one nutritionist has put forth the argument that a decent burger could be just what you need… 

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According to the nutritionist, Geeta Sidhu-Robb a burger may be the perfect thing to have for tea on the day of your hangover. 

“Lean protein will make you feel full and level out blood sugars, while the red meat also provides a good dose of iron — just try to leave out the cheese. Have it with a side of sweet potato fries, preferably baked.”

You’ll have to drink two glasses of water with the meal. She also recommends that you drink ginger tea in the morning and drinking lots of fluid through the day. 

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