This Insane Christmas Beast Has Just Landed In Manchester

Sweet baby jesus...


They're (almost) the most famous burger joint in this city and we all know they love to make a splash, previous seasonal specials have included all manner of crazed monstrosities (or haloed deliciousness, depending how health pretentious you're feeling.)

Past burger towers have included 'Fantastic Burgers And Where To Find Them,' 'Good Morning America,' and Halloween special 'Lethal Injection' (all pictured below.)

And, in the true spirit of Christmas - Almost Famous burger joint announced the 'angel' on top of their tree this 2016.

The crazy festive special is piled high with all the usual time-of-the-year suspects. Expect more patty than your fat pants can handle, skewered pigs in blankets, 'slaw, bacon and extra special Christmas sauces...

Surely even Father Christmas would struggle to finish this burgerzilla...

Up for a challenge?

Almost Famous is serving up its Christmas special from today and it will be on the menu throughout the festive season, and our guess is it's going to put a smile on even the most stubborn of Bah Humbugs.

Until the stomach cramps kick in, that is.

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