This Bar-Cafe Have Just Announced The MancMuffin And It Looks Unreal

Like the McMuffin, but better...

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I mean, it's about time someone created a giant version of the McMuffin right?

Well, the guys at The Koffee Pot in the Northern Quarter have only gone and done it.

The bar-cafe have just announced their new menu is about to launch which features this beast of a muffin, as well as vegan pancakes, chorizo eggs and much more...

But if I'm perfectly honest, the MancMuffin has caught my attention and that's where it will stay until I get one inside me.

Nice work Koffeepot, we can't wait.

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Sam McGowan

Sam likes to lift heavy things in order to eat her bodyweight in food on a daily basis. Manchester's biggest fan, will walk anyone and everyone's dogs for free and makes a proper good brew.