They're Selling Giant Deep Fried Pigs In Blankets In Manchester Right Now

Tastes like Christmas

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Pigs in blankets are the last word in festive cuisine.

Tasty little sausages wrapped all cosy inside crispy bacon, bringing together two very different flavours in a real treat for the season - but it's just over too soon.

Well what about supersizing that bad boy - and then deep frying it in BATTER?

You read right.

Brewski in Chorlton has launched its Christmas platter for £20, and it features the very greatest Christmas foodstuff we believe we've ever heard of.

The giant deep fried pig in blanket is served on the platter along with a baked Camembert, deep fried stuffing balls, gravy, Cumberland sauce, cranberry and deep-fried roast potatoes.

Also on the menu at the Wilbraham Road joint is Baileys cheesecake stuffed Yule log - and they've made their signature dish more seasonal with a giant battered pig in blanket poutine.

Drooling right now.

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