These Are The Only Dunking Pots You'll Ever Need To Know About

Buttery Caramel Biscoff in grab-and-go pots. MMMM


We've watched the world favourite Lotus Biscoff spread be used in cakes, ice cream, biscuits and dessert drizzles.... but we've just discovered something even better.

Biscoff is the most beautiful caramel biscuit there ever was - a perfect side addition to your daily brew. But when the cookie butter spread launched, we died and went to heaven. 

And now there is Biscoff and Go. Yes, actual dunking pots. 

This delicious buttery, caramel infused spread has been transformed into handy dunk and go pots, a little like the Dairylea Dunkers.

Whats best is that this tasty new launch is a vegan and nut free edition, however, it has just launched in America. But the UK is following, with these landing on our supermarket shelves SOON.

If waiting until these land becomes too much trouble, you and your friends could always pool together and add a few internartional orders online from America.

Or wait until it's released here - it's up to you!

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