There's A New Type Of M&M – And It Looks Unreal

It's being called the biggest launch in the brand's history


How do you like your M&Ms? Regular, peanut, or crispy? Those are all fine choices, but I think you're set to have a new favourite: M&Ms Caramel.

According to the CNNMoney, the newest treat from Mars Chocolate will be the biggest launch in the brand's history, 

Hank Izzo, vice president of research and development of Mars Chocolate, said of their reasoning behind the new product,

Caramel is extremely trendy. It's a $2.2 billion flavour segment and the fastest growing segment in food right now. We want to be part of this category.

Check out the video below to see just how delicious these gooey nuggets look...

M&Ms Caramel will be available from May 2017. Excited much?

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